Monday, October 13, 2008

Chapter 27 (of 43)


Dear Camilla,

Things seem to be off to a fairly pleasant start with this quest for the life of Prince Sangwine. First off, Sangwine couldn't be more obvious if he announced his passing at every crossroads. At this point I'm not really sure he isn't doing just that. I suppose I'll find him sooner or later. Camilla, don't tell anyone I wish it were later.

I've recruited the wizard that Father suggested, and he's probably going to be useful enough, although he's a little on the odd side. I'm suffering from culture shock, methinks. He insists on being called “The Wiz”. Do tell me if that isn't weird.

Due to some rare stroke of luck, I happened to run into a healer who is also good with knives. Her name is Alice, and I'm convinced she's lovely. Human or not, she really is. I suppose my horizons are being expanded.

The Wiz has a few suggestions for me as far as getting some more help. He thinks a half-ogre is just the thing to make sure the three of us are protected, and I suppose he has a point. I'm curious if there are road-bandits and the like out here, although I'll guess I won't be going out of my way to run into some.

Meanwhile, my sister, I sincerely hope you're not pining. I would suggest you write Fang but... I ... never mind. Do what you can to find happiness. I hope to be home soon.

Love Always,


* * * * * * * *

Dearest Al'bert,

Ugh, I hate it all. Why is Fang doing this? You don't want to be off killing Sangwine, and I don't want you anywhere out there. I know you love to learn and so on and are curious about the world but to me it just seems odious and filthy.

I'm miserable here. Mother is how she always is. She doesn't care about anything except that everything looks to be perfect all the time. Father seems very pleased with the situation our family is in, what with you being on a “very important quest” for the overlord himself, and all. I'm tired of it. Do you ever wish we were just peasants?

Alright, neither do I. But still, there is so much required of us it makes me want to scratch the walls.

Fang is expanding Schloeffelonia to the western sea. It seems no one can stand before him. I don't get much word, but that much I do know. Please write again soon.



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